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Every motorcyclist knows that nothing comes close to their own motorbike, and nothing feels more special than riding your own bike.

At Tamworth Yamaha we know this, which is why our bespoke bikes are designed and crafted with a passion that is rarely found in the industry. This idea started when we decided to create a one of a kind, high specification machine for our Managing Director. This helped show off what we could achieve with our professional technicians and high quality performance parts that we use regularly in the workshop.

Our Bespoke Bikes

Our reputation has allowed us to use parts from top manufacturers such as Akrapovic, Brembo, Ohlins, Rizoma, and much more, enabling us to produce every bespoke bike with top end performance in mind. We also work closely with SMR Performance Centre to meet all your road and track requirements.

In 2005, with our first attempt at a high end bespoke bike we won the 'Virgin Yamaha Cup' showing that it’s not just the high end performance parts we use that makes the bike what it is, it is also our highly skilled technicians that take the parts and make the vision come true.

Should you wish to create your very own special bespoke bike at Tamworth Yamaha, we can ensure you that it will be built with passion and genuine hard work, with every little detail catered to your own specific demands.

Our Bespoke Bikes

Our reputation has enabled us to gain access to the World’s leading manufacturers of performance equipment including:

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