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As well as road bikes, we also specialise in offroad bikes too, bred especially for offroad competition and motorcross. We are experts in all things offroad bikes and have the widest range of Yamaha bikes for both road and offroad in the midlands.

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You cannot think of offroad motocross with thinking of Yamaha, and the YZ450F is absolutely no exception. This offroader is taking motocross to the next level with Yamaha Power Tuner for instant track-side tuning to your race needs.

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This offroad bike comes pre-installed with our power tuner app. With this app, you can adjust and tune your YZ250F to meet any racing and weather conditions immediately on the trackside.

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This mult-role enduro bike, has a compact slimline chassis developed from the YZ450F, giving you maximum agility around the racing track at all times.

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This 250cc enduro mixes versitility and out-right offroad performance. This gives you a large level of low and mid-range torque as well as industry leading suspension for an exhilarating ride.

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Yamaha have led the way for mini-bikes for children, our 50cc 39kg PW50 is no exception and is the perfect choice for new riders combining reliability and high quality for easy maintainance.

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